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According to records at the Rochester Hills Museum, the Griggs Elevator was built at what is now University and Water streets in 1880. The Newberry Elevator, built in 1872, was moved and added to the Griggs Elevator in 1909. Local farmers took their grain to the elevator, where it was stored in a loft and then dumped into train cars to be carried to Detroit's markets.

Over the years, subdivisions replaced farmlands, and the freight trains stopped running. After the Michigan Central rail line ceased operation in the 1970s, the building was converted to an agricultural supply store.

Today, many area residents know the elevator as a local stop for water softener salt, propane tanks, animal feed and other hard-to-find items.

Recent developments

The property that is now the site of the Rochester Elevator is being sold. However, the original buyer has announced that they no longer plan to purchase the elevator site at University Avenue and Water Street. As a result, the plans to move the elevator are on hold while the current owner and the Rochester City Council consider new options.

Depending on what happens with the property, the Rochester-Avon Historical Society may still need to move the elevator. Whether the elevator is moved to a new location or restored it at its current location, the historical society will work to preserve the elevator as a historical resource for our community. The goal for the elevator project has always been to have the grain elevator adaptively reused instead of torn down.

With the continued support of the community — organizations, families and individuals — the elevator can be saved as a historical resource for years to come.

Elevator video
Community Media Network news story highlights June 2009 elevator painting event.

'Shine' announced
Article in Rochester Post invites community to event where they can help paint the elevator.

Move plans on hold
RAHS, the elevator owner and City Council explore new options for the elevator.

'Elevator Square'
Council member proposes a plan for the elevator as part of a "town square."

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